Orientation Appointments

These appts. are free to each member, please contact us to schedule.

Learn more about our free orientation appointments below to get the most out of your workouts at Fortify Fitness Gym.

Initial Assessment

The Initial fitness assessment will evaluate your ability in a number of categories, including Cardiovascular, Strength, and Flexibility.  Your trainer will provide you a report and suggest a training program to help you improve in all areas and reach your goals.

Cable system and TRX suspension strap

In this orientation appt.  Your trainer provide you with the knowledge of how to operate and use cables to perform exercises for target muscle groups.  You will also be introduced to the TRX suspension strap, how to use and apply to you target muscle groups.  Your trainer will show you 3-4 general exercises on each tool and answer any question you may have.

Physio Ball and Bosu Dome

Training on unstable surfaces requires core strength and increases your body awareness.  In This free session your trainer will show you how to perform exercises on the PHYSIO BALL and BOSU  dome.  These tools will challenge your stability and force you core groups to engage.  Training in these environments is crucial to reducing potential for injury and increasing longevity!

CV + Aerobic Machines

This orientation appt. will teach you how to operate and challenge yourself with the cardio machines we have available.  Your train will show how to set up programs and create goals for you to achieve.

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Mobility Training

Feeling tight in the wrong places?  Stiff back, stiff shoulders, too much time on the computer?  Learn how to use tools like resistance bands, suspension straps and gravity to help you stretch your muscles and joints to release tension.

My Zone Heart Rate Training

My Zone is a worldwide company offering heart rate training systems keep you motivated and help you burn more calories and get in shape faster!  Your trainer will show you how the HR monitors work, create goal and track you progress.  Sign up to join the My Zone revolution!

Nutrition Counseling

Wondering about your nutrition and/or diet?  Do you have a weight loss goal?  Want to bulk up and build muscle?  Let us help you evaluate your current eating pattern and match it to your goals.  Your trainer will teach you some easy tips and tricks to make sure your calories are consistent and match the goals you have.

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