Body Work In Burlington Vt

Body Work In Burlington Vt

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Assisted Stretching: Individualized assisted stretching, designed to improve mobility and function of the body while helping to prevent acute and chronic injury.


Tissue mobilization: Manual soft tissue work, designed to improve joint range of motion and help aid in the recovery of exercise. 


Body Work In Burlington, Vt

Neck and shoulders – PERFECT for office workers!

Back and hips – RELIEF FROM manual labor or AFTER BEING  on your feet all day!

Total Body – GREAT TO RELEASE all of your aches and pains!


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While growing up in central Vermont, Galen was first introduced to the world of health, wellness, and fitness through his love of baseball as well as his backcountry backpacking, fly fishing, and hunting adventures.
As a UVM graduate, Galen holds a degree in Exercise and Movement Science (EXMS) with a concentration in Integrative Health Coaching, giving him a solid background in
biomechanics and human movement systems.
Galen then went on to work as a sports performance coach at a local physical therapy
While there, he worked with athletes to optimize all aspects of their performance, from exercise training to deep-tissue mobility work and nutrition guidance.
Galen comes to Fortify Fitness to start their assisted stretching and mobility program, which aims to help individuals take a preventative approach toward the body’s longevity. This involves a combination of deep tissue work + assisted stretching techniques designed to improve mobility, recovery, and long-term health of the musculoskeletal system.
This program will help anyone who wishes to maintain and improve body function and mobility so they can continue to participate in the recreation activities they enjoy.

Building Bodies Better.