Fortify Fitness Gym

Fortify Fitness was established in 2015 as a premier personal training facility in the South end of Burlington. We have now expanded to a second location at the HULA lakeside site. In addition to personal fitness training, Fortify offers gym memberships, group classes and online instruction options. Fortify Fitness was founded by Peter Milhous, a Burlington VT based Fitness Coach and certified personal trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, designing exercise and nutrition programs for corporate and private clients.

Fortify means to “build up” or “strengthen”. Core function is essential to all movement, increases efficiency and decreases propensity to injury. Maximizing your core function increases ability in all performance areas including mobility, flexibility, stability, power and endurance. The heart is the engine that drives all these abilities and so focus on cardiovascular fitness is combined with core strength, to develop a more efficient system that can be applied to any activity the client chooses.

Burlington VT personal training gym

Building Bodies Better.

What Other Trainer’s Say:

 “I learned a lot from Peter when I was first trying to get started as a personal trainer 15 years ago. I only knew bodybuilding and how to lift weights but did not have much knowledge or experience in functional training for core strength and balance. He helped me and showed me training techniques I still use today. Peter is an expert in all areas of fitness training and I would highly recommend him to anyone whether you are brand new to exercise, trying to make a comeback or already an elite athlete.”  Playa del Carmen 2019

What client’s have to say:

“Peter is always encouraging, never discouraging. He is always cheerful and makes the exercise time fly by. Peter is very knowledgeable about injuries, designing exercises that work around my shoulder injury. Above all, I look forward to working with Peter for each session.”