Fortify Fitness was created and founded by Peter Milhous and has its main studio location in Burlington VT. Peter has been in the industry for over 25 years and worked with corporate and private clients providing, exercise and nutrition solutions. From starting his career at large upscale sports clubs in LA, taking that knowledge to VT to help a few small startup companies with strategic planning and now his own space, Peter is committed to helping individuals better their lives through healthier patterns. Fortify Fitness is Located at 50 Lakeside Ave. at the HULA campus building in Burlington, VT.



AFAA Personal Trainer

Spartan Race SGX Coach

Spartan Race Run & Obstacle Coach

Exercise Science Bachelors, University of Rhode Island

Years of Experience: 23

Contact Info: (802) 318-1966

Types of Training: In-Person or Virtual Training

Specialities: Accountability, Functional Training, Injury Rehab, Strength & Endurance Training

Fitness Background: Trail Running & Obstacle Course Racing

Health and Fitness are dirty words to the majority of America. Most hate to sweat.  They hate to be sore. They are self-conscious in their gym clothes, and make excuses not to workout. Even the ones that do workout religiously may not “like” what they are doing. That’s where I come in.

My enthusiasm for health and fitness has always been contagious. I make fitness fun for my clients and staff with a positive attitude, hard work ethic, and a good sense of humor. I am a well-timed high five during a hard workout. I am a sounding board for clients and employees on bad days. I’ve even been told I’m their unofficial therapist.

For the last 12 years I have been been an avid obstacle course racer, competing at 6 World Championships & 2 North American Championships. Having my hip replaced 2 years ago has slowed me slightly, but I still enjoy competing at a high level.

While growing up in central Vermont, Galen was first introduced to the world of health, wellness, and fitness through his love of baseball as well as his backcountry backpacking, fly fishing, and hunting adventures.
As a UVM graduate, Galen holds a degree in Exercise and Movement Science (EXMS), with a concentration in Integrative Health Coaching, giving him a solid background in
biomechanics and human movement systems. Galen then went on to work as a sports performance coach at a local physical therapy
clinic. While there, he worked with athletes to optimize all aspects of their performance, from exercise training to deep-tissue mobility work and nutrition guidance.
Galen comes to Fortify Fitness to start their assisted stretching and mobility program, which aims to help individuals take a preventative approach toward the body’s longevity. This involves a combination of deep tissue work + assisted stretching
techniques designed to improve mobility, recovery, and long-term health of the musculoskeletal system. This program will help anyone who wishes to maintain and improve body function and mobility so they can continue to participate in the recreation activities they enjoy.

Building Bodies Better.